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Being The Heartless. Chapter 2.
04.04.2011 23:48
Автор: Gatita
I feel it by every cell of my body. And, you know, it's not bad! It's nothing. I know, the  only  thing i need is a new portion of wisdom. Books are waiting for me! Several hours of lifelesson from The Book, and the information about manipulation is settled down in my head rather solidly. 
I have decided to myself there was no LOVE, and since that moment my life has become simpler. 
Actually it hasn't changed, but my attitude to life has. There can be only two reasons why i have become such a heartless person. First, i became disappointed by relationships and life around me and turned into a heartless person. Second, I'm right thinking that LOVE is just a word invented by people.My behaviour has changed too, i threw the huge lift out of my shoulders. I learnt to say NO, even i began to love this short word so much, that I pronounced it as an answer to every request. I felt myself free pronouncing it. 
And now sitting on the couch i feel emptiness, best condition i've ever felt. 
My friends ask me all the time, why i'm alone. Earlier i answered: "I dunno." But now i answer: "I'm not alone, I'm free." Coz i really am, inside. I'm satisfied with everything i have now. Guys? Hah... I need them just for having fun! I know. i know... yall think that i'm crazy. Nah... i'm not. You are. Ladies, remember your dates? so... you are expecting something serious, but opposite gender, they are just having fun. Why can't we? 
Of course, one day you will find a person, whom you can handle... and probably you'll marry him, if you're lucky person. But Love? nobody can exactly say what is this... It's smth unbelievable, untouchable...it's like a 
ghost, everybody speaks about it, but nobody saw. So I started to think about myself. I began jogging every morning instead of suffering about my ex. It doesn't matter, what he's doing now. The only thing i wanna think and care about is myself. Sounds selfish? 
Hells no! People were born selfish, it's our nature. I love myself... of course, how could i forget about the biggest love all over the world. Love to yourself!!! And because i love myself i started to care about my body. 
So morning jog helped me to restore my body and my mind. 
Обновлено 04.04.2011 23:55

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