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Being the Heartless. Chapter 4
20.05.2011 21:45
Автор: Gatita
It was New Year Eve.  Christmas tree was amazing, it was shining like a real star, actually Christmas tree is New Year's Star. My friends came to my apartments. We cooked and decorate. Balloons and fake snow was everywhere. Before the decorating my apartments looked so poor and sad, but after we decorated it, we felt the spirit of New Year. It was something magical. And it smelt so delicious, so tasty in my room. It was the smell of chicken and  tangerine, the smell of New Year. It was crazy New Year, after president wished us all the best in New Year and  chiming clock counted 12, we began playing cards. I didn't had a good hand that night. Everybody was lucky at cards that night, except me. I wasn't. But as the sign says who's not lucky at cards, is lucky at love! 
Hah, it's not about me... and i wrote the status on facebook that  i've lost 3 games and it means that this year i should be lucky at love. I was kidding. Everybody knows, it's wrong sign. Esp. for me. I wasn't created for love. 
I didn't want to think about relationships, i was thinking about my body, after holidays it was so hard to return the weight i was in before. I hate diets. Not to eat for me is equal to be ill. So may the Sports help me. 
Girls offered me to go dancing at one sport club. That was really good idea, but i wanted to get the drive licence. You are nobody, unless you are talked about, says gossip girl. She's not right, you are not popular unless you're talked about, you're nobody if you have no car. So, i decided to change it. I came to driving school. Teacher was 30 years old, but he was smart and handsome. It's so pity, that he's married. I'm joking. He's too old for me. 
And i don't need him... there are a lot of guys in my city in the age of 22-25.  I was meeting guys, and i didn't like them, when i came  to my internship, i found every guy was looking at me. All the time. No, it wasn't my wish, it was a reality. They were flirting with me. I liked it. I was wearing another clothes every day (i forget to say, i change clothes everyday. I'm not a super star, and i don't wear everything once, but i think that wearing one thing two days to end is a wrong habit.)
So there i felt like a star. I knew, that i have a perfect taste. And by the way my friend's birthday was drawing near. I wanted to make a present in my style. Every girl must have a little black dress. And i knew that b-day girl doesn't have it for sure. And also i talked to other girls, invited to b-day party. I asked them, if they don't know wht to present, to buy some kind of silver necklace or earrings. They would suit to the  little black dress.  I thought, it would be the perfect present. The problem was i didn't know her size. And it was very hard to find a good, stylish, black dress for real lady. But that wasn't a problem for me. I was in doubt, if i'm doing right buying little black dress, but i ventured to try. Otherwise I wasn't me. 


+2 # Гирченко Юрий 04.05.2012 21:02

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