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Being the Heartless. Chapter 5
20.05.2011 21:46
Автор: Gatita
Shopping, shopping. Oh, I love it. Every girl loves shopping. For sure. I went shopping to find a little black dress for my friend. I didn't find it. But i found very pretty orange skirt. And of course i bought it, and it cost a little. It's a real proficiency to find not expensive but pretty clothes. I was searching black dress for several days. Finally i found few. They were different. Actually, i was thinking i would never find it. so i even began to look at other color dresses. But i wished i could find perfect  little black dress. Yeah, I know, i use word 'perfect' too much. But i do like it. I like it more that word 'awesome'. It began very modern and stylish to say 'awesome'. But i chose word 'perfect'...i know there is no perfect things, but anyway... there is this word. And i adore it.  
My friend's b-day party was at the corner. I knew what to wear. I bought great black dress and a cute present bag for it. Everything was as i planned. But i planned to have fun that day. I've heard there are guys at the party, but i don't care, i'm so tired of  horny guys' false words and fake personality. But there are no sincere people in the world any more. That's why i wear that masks... nobody wants to see my soul, my personality... nobody. 
Let's rock! It was the day of b-day party. I knew, people will be  very nice and kind, not fabulous and glamorous. I was me at the party, but with better makeup and hair dress. Not because of guys, but because of myself. 
Almost everybody was at the restaurant when I came in. I was one of those, who know b-day girl since we were children. And i felt comfortable. Actually i felt comfortable, because it's me... i'm not afraid of unknown people. I know that i'm a smart girl, rather smart girl,  and it seems that those people whom i didn't know... had higher IQ. But i wasn't confused by this fact...there  was nothing to prevent me joking. 
One guy was flirting with me ... he was sitting facing me... but not strictly... a little bit left. But he seemed so boring for me. Guy facing me strictly was quite another matter. He was ironic, confident, smart and pretty handsome. He was the real goods. I thought, he didn't wanna something serious, just having fun today on b-day party, his phrases were so perfect. It was like battle between our phrases. Jesus, Finally i found somebody from opposite gender who's smart enough to  understand my irony and answer me the same way. Perfect! I think it's the beginning of a great friendship. We even were in one color gamut. And i felt weird, i felt like my brain has turned off. I felt spiritual unity with that guy. I couldn't explain it. But it was the reality. I could look at his eyes all the time. But i knew, i can't, that will be kinda strange  for everybody at the party. 
 We played mafia and other funny games. We were singing songs... actually guys were singing, i wasn't, I think, I can't carry a tune. We were dancing and discussing common friends. Party was great! It was so heartfelt. I loved it so much.
After saying goodbye to everybody i fell down... i just didn't see the pit. That was funny...what can you expect from me? I am me.  


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