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Being the Heartless. Chapter 7
25.05.2011 00:47
Автор: Gatita
My classmate came. Before her coming i was thinking what to do. I felt that friendship is impossible here... And i didn't know what to do. When I was alone i haven't thought that i can't go for studying abroad. And actually I can't forget my dream. Coz I dreamt about Manhattan and MBA for so long. The weird thing is that i was thinking about relationships without having any relationships. But if i have them... what to do? I knew for sure, that i shouldn't tell about MBA.  
When my classmate came, i've told her about movie. After story, she wondered what i'm going to do with MBA. I said, that i know... what to do. I will start relationships... and before the diploma, i will make him break up with me. Coz if i break up with him, he can think that i just used him, but that's not true. And also if he breaks up with me, he will not be tortured by breaking up. Thanks God, i can manipulate, and he even wouldn't understand that i made him break up with me. I know, it's cruel... but i can't find the other way. I wanna spend time with him, even it will last for several months. Even with such end!
After movie my new friend in purple shirt and i were talking everyday on facebook and ICQ. 
In couple days he asked me about roller skating. I wasn't good in it. But i agreed, because my mom said: GO!!! Go, Honey! Even don't try to refuse.
I listened to her and he picked me up. He was skating very good. We were dicussing everything, we were laughing, our talks were full of irony, he was so loving. I didn't try to look like a queen, i looked and behave like a common girl, but i felt myself like a princess. I was so happy just being next to him. After skating we went to chinese restaurant. I love sushi and rolls. Yummie!!!!! Yummie!!! We ordered some food and tea, and clinked our cups. Then he saw me home... by car. And next few hours we were talking in the car. Actually we decided to keep silence, and in 5 minutes of explaining everything on hands, we started to write everything in my notebook. I still have it as a memory. What stupid phrases we were writting. But we understood each other, it was comfortable even not to talk.  Priceless. Then i asked him to switch on the misic from my cell phone's memory card. And i started to have a blast. Yall remember i was confused  last time when he was looking at me. So, this time... while dancing in the car, i let him look at me... and i wasn't confused... then i got tired of dancing and shaking my head,  i lied down. We were lying on our sits, looking to each other. I don't know what he was thinking about, but i was angry, i thought: Come on! What are you waiting for? Kiss me. 
But he wasn't going to. Then I closed my eyes, and let him look at me again. I thought, maybe if i close my eyes, he will do the first step. Nah... What the... 
Intimate atmosphere made me remember about scratching! I love it. Without words i asked for his hand, and started scratching it. He liked it. After several minutes of scratching we started to hug each other. 
I felt like in heaven, and i even forgot, that i wanted him to kiss me. And when i forgot, it happened, i don't know how, but we  started to kiss.  It's worth to live for such moments.

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